Keeping Liberalia Tidy Act

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The Keeping Liberalia Tidy Act was a Liberalian Law. It has since been repealed.

[edit] The Bill

"Keeping the Liberalia Parliament tidy bill REPEALED

Acknowledging that Parliament has grown untidy of late, this bill is dedicated to ensuring that bills are put through the proper channels.

Clause 1: The "New Bills" thread in the Speaker's Office is no longer to be used. It is now only possible to pass a bill through doing the following:

i) Posting all new bills in Bills For Approval ii) Also Posting it in the Debating Chamber

After three days, the speaker and ONLY the speaker will start a poll in the Voting Lobby.

Clause 2: Failure to do this will result in the bill having no legal meaning in Liberalia.

Clause 3- That the Speaker of the Liberalian Parliament is to hold moderate status over all sections of the Parliament section of the forum, excluding the Guardian Council areas."

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